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impact & sustainable finance

Pierre Rousseau is a distinguished professional in finance for sustainability and impact investing, committed to driving positive change. With his expertise, he assists Palmela clients in aligning their financial goals with sustainability and integrating impact factors related to climate, nature, biodiversity, and social inclusion. 

Pierre understands the interconnectedness between economic growth, environmental stewardship, and social progress. He guides organisations and individuals in sustainable investments, generating returns while making a difference. With over a decade of experience working with top financial institutions, Pierre has earned a reputation as a respected thought leader in his field. 

At Palmela, Pierre's insights play a crucial role in guiding clients towards impactful investment strategies, integrating impact factors on climate, nature, and biodiversity as well social inclusion. 

By considering these factors, Pierre helps clients develop tailored portfolios that align with their values and financial objectives. Clients benefit from Pierre's expertise and his ability to stay informed on emerging trends, securing financial growth while contributing to a sustainable future.