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Director - client solutions

Jean-Luc comes with a wealth of experience in designing, advising and selling complex projects into the C suite, especially with Fortune 500, institutions and family offices. His career started at data and tech companies in Asia and Europe : Gartner, SAS, Dun&Bradstreet and Thomson Reuters, where he was mainly in charge of Fortune 100 clients (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, AIG, Bank of China)

Since 2015, he has been involved with various blockchain and crypto projects, in different capacities - as Head of Innovation and Business Strategy for a Private Equity fund (family office owned), as an Investor and most recently as Managing Partner at a leading Digital Assets Advisory and Investment firm serving Institutional Investors and Family Offices around the world.

Passionate about the transformational potential of blockchain technology and the impact of token and cryptocurrencies economies on the existing business models and strategies, Jean-Luc brings a wealth of interpersonal skills, contacts, and cultural understanding from Europe, Asia and Emerging Markets.

Jean-Luc has a Masters of Law from Université Panthéon Assas (Paris), a LL.M. from University of Luxembourg and has graduated from Henley Business School Executive Hedge Fund Management program.